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2024 Mar 25 - Q/A while Playing Operation Ghost.. with Mamehooker!


Finally got the set done and a video. I compiled the questions you asked into a video while playing OG with Mamehooker. So very dense with info and demos of everything Blamcon.

2024 Mar 15 - An Interview with the Retro Gaming Guy


Chris from Blamcon sits down with the Retro Gaming Guy to talk all things Blamcon. I hope we answered a lot of your pressing questions.

2024 Mar 9 - The YouTube Set is (Finally) Done!

here's what I've been cooking up so I can make Blamcon videos. Guns are now partitioned by type: Contemporary Light Guns on the left side wall. Arcade and converted light guns on the left side. Right side is all Blamcon, except of a couple of the lightsabers which I will remove for clarity (some of the sabers ARE Blamcon). 50in Extreme Gaming Cabinets USA 50" light gun machine, modded with Blamcon ports and 4 magnetic foot peta…

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2024 Feb 20 - Blamcon's At Vancouver Van Expo! Day 1

Day 3 Conclusion: And the Blamcon Trial at Fan Expo Vancouver is done! We estimate the solenoid got the better part of a quarter of a million actuations per day. We were slammed from open to close for all 3 days. I didn't even get to take my shoulder rig out day 1 so just zap strapped the camera to the set and recorded the people playing. It was chaos, awesomeness, and I'm coming home with a mountain of data to sort through. It was dropped on concrete, reefed on by excited kids, and everything in between and beyond. Feeling so much more confident after this but my brain is spinning. I'll do a full writeup on in the next couple of days but for now I just need to chug some water and asprin and head out to Toy Traders to give Jason (Integrum Retro) and Beakz (Beakz Buildz, our UK teammate) a tour of the world's best toy store at let them drool over all the "references" we have access to. Will take pics!

Day 2 Update: of the Blamcon Trial at Vancouver Fan Expo plays on, it's a zoo at this place. Some of the lunatics made it out to try Blamcon in person, hope they'll share their thoughts here. Got the boomstick (Blamcon 2fer) signed by the man himself. Craig got all done up as Dredd and met Adam Savage , who bought one of our Lawgivers last year. Just an awesome and exhausting time. All went for dinner and a beer after. One more day to go!!! Oh, the Blue gun got changed with the gray only because Craig did a firmware tweak and the wrong gun got left plugged in, I wasn't watching carefully. Was hoping to get the same gun hammered on all 3 days, will swap it back tomorrow.

Day 1:

2024 Jan 26 - Blamcon Commercial and General Update


So been a bit, haven't taken a day off so don't worry about the project fading, if anything the scope is ramping up. When you get to the nitty gritty of something this intense you have to put your horse blinders on to an extent, so here's where we are:

  • The first run of Vypers has finished printing and prep, I'll have a pic of them all together in the next few days. We won't be selling any of these until they are done and tested, and not until our Fan Expo torture test is done (see last point). We want to be very sure of our production processes and final quality, so far it's all looking golden. If there are any deficits we will correct them, if there aren't we will immediately start on run 2 and formulate a fair plan to start selling at a sustainable pace, and ramping up if needed. We will have max 3 week lead time on sales to keep a bit of a banded buffer while still getting you what you paid for in a timely manner. Remember DIY releases with sales so you can make your own.
  • We just released our commercial, which was a massive effort, and are working on our release feature video as we speak. We took a poll if we should just jump right into making the DIY video for the Phazer or an overview of what Blamcon is and how it works, the overview video won but that also means I'm going to have to spend the time to make it.
  • We're trying to go next level with DIY will full print guides as well as videos, these guides is a huge help to us internally as it's our up-to-date build processes and make sure as we iterate anyone building along is always building the same thing we are. We will include printed guides with kits.
  • Fan Expo is fast approaching, where we will have a large booth together with Toy Traders at the front of the show. It will also be a 3 Day torture test of Blamcon, as the public will be able to play for free all day every day of the show. So that's our equivalent of full military trials for Blamcon.

2024 Jan 1 - Retro Ralph talks Blamcon!


Retro Ralph talks Blamcon.. I didn't know I worked in Hollywood!

2024 Jan 1 - Blamcon Shooting Gallery


A first look at our new game, Blamcon Shooting Gallery, and 6 upcoming Blamcons in action

2023 Dec 29 - Blamcon Open Forum

So here's the final light gun lineup for Blamcon 1.0, the 1.0 firmware is now done and we're working on the minutia like boxes, shipping options, production line efficiencies etc.
I'll be releasing all the Blamcon 3D print models for free one at a time as I finish tutorials and guides. Blamcon isn't limited to just these light guns, but I think they make a great opening lineup.
I will be filming an overview of Blamcon as a whole over the next week but I'm having an open Q/A on Discord tomorrow, Dec 30th, at 5:40PST if you wanted to ask me anything. I'll be recording it and publishing to YouTube after but if you want to say hi or ask me anything about Blamcon:

2023 Dec 24 - First Look at BlunderBusted!

Dark Tonic Studios is working on a NEW Light Gun IP! Blunderbusted is the worlds first roguelike lightgun shooter. Blamcon is working with Blunderbusted to make the Blamcon Boarder Blunderbuss and Stallion revolver interactive with the game to give you a gameplay experience you've never seen! If you want to try Blunderbusted early, go to and register for their early access. 

2023 Dec 24 - Dear Facebook Commenter Who Disappeared

If you're the individual who posted the long reply about Blamcon on Facebook I would like to reply here since the post is gone. I meant to last night but I was editing the BlunderBusted Video:

The TLDR of his post is about the first video saying Blamcon was coming in August, I keep thinking I should delete or hide that video, it was my bad saying a date at all but here's the reason why:

First and foremost, we do this for free and fun, so life will always come first. With the addition of Patreon and Blamcon, we are now starting to treat it more like a commitment, but until we started that a few months ago this is literally something we all donate hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to just for the love of creating.

We COULD have released Blamcon in Aug, the Blamcon as it was was then just another P3D project in a long line of projects. It was running an Arduino, it was very basic, and there was only one gun.

But we saw the potential here to create something bigger. From the concept of the Blamcon core, Craig writing an entire Light Gun operating system, to the over dozen release models, to Mike running a production line that can producing these ongoing at scale. None of this was in the original cards.

The average Props3D project costs me about 400 dollars of extra parts, most of it iterates on what I already have and I always need some new goofy machine-or-other, I can suck that up for the fun and friendship I get back.

Blamcon has cost me over 20,000 dollars and counting. I think Blamcon is the chance to take P3D and make it something bigger. But that requires time, money, and hard work. Something that has to be done in order and correctly if we're going to deliver a quality and innovative product.

Not taking preorders, not selling until we're ready, and funding this out of pocket is about keeping stress down and hedging out bets. Do we KNOW this will be the best light gun? Everyone thinks they have the better mouse trap until they actually have to catch a mouse with it. The only way to know is to build, iterate, test, revise, until it's the best mouse trap WE can make. Then show you as honestly as possible and let you decide. So it's taken time to get it right. I think we're almost there, but an animal like this has a life of it's own: As I build each prototype new issues arise, new optimizations, and new processes. The fact that this has to be buildable by anyone using source your own parts in an apartment, the Props3D creed, is a huge wrinkle as whatever we come up with has to be accessible. Easier said than done.

I could keep going on but I just want to say: Nobody wants this out the door more than I, it's 7 days a week on a passion project and I've questioned my sanity more than once along the way. But if Blamcon doesn't deliver, what was the point of all this? If you're planning on building your own or buying, you're still spending your time and money no matter which option you go with. To respect that we need to make sure that if you're rolling your own you'll be successful, and if you're paying us money you get something that's a great value.

I've taken two weeks off work at Christmas to do my best to bring this over the line. Can I? I'm trying my absolute best. Production of the first run of Vypers is underway, I'm getting ready for the Phazer build video as we speak, but I'm running from task to task as fast and as hard as humanly possible and it will be done when it's done. I just hope you can trust we're not dragging our heels but trying our hardest to deliver something we hope you'll love as much as we do.

2023 Dec 5 - Introducing the Blamcon 2fer

This was by far the most popular write in request and with Bruce Campbell coming to Fan Expo how could we not? This double barrel shotgun features working double trigger, the break lever is a B button, and a large solenoid in the stock. This will be released before Fan Expo Vancouver for everyone.

2023 Nov 24 - Fan Expo Vancouver and the E-11 Light Gun

New Blamcon Light Gun 3D print model: E-11. The stock folds out, pulling the bolt reloads. There's an LED in the scope. Fire selector is your A button and there's an alt button under the magwell. The magazine holds the Blamcon Core and it's removable via working mag catch for servicing.

Blamcon will be at Vancouver Fan Expo but this time instead of our usual cosplay prop demonstration as Props3D we'll be running a light gun arcade booth, as well as our usual free Cosplay repair station. We'll be raising money for charity along with Toy Traders and the 501 by either letting you play for free or donate to play, entirely optional. We'll be rotating though games, and different light guns, every hour but since we're teaming up with the 501 I want to be sure the Storm Troopers can play in style. We'll probably add a randomization option to miss 75% of shots to keep on canon.

2023 Nov 15 - Time to Make Some Cores!

The Blamcon Cores are finally in! Now comes the fun part, hours of soldering teeny components to make these happen. The cores are NOT just a bare PCB, it's a lightgun on a chip. It has everything except the physical input/output items to get you going. So there's no little electronics you need to solder it, just through hole soldering of the input/outputs. The core is universal to all Blamcons and conversions: It has:

  • USB input
  • camera input
  • 3 main button input
  • foot petal input
  • 7 secondary button input (joystick etc, this will also be the analogue input later)
  • rumble output
  • 12v input
  • solenoid output
  • LED output
  • onboard PiPicoW
  • preloaded firmware

We have thought long and hard about pricing and come to an initial retail price of $60USD, we think this is fair to everyone and very competitive with the market.

2023 Nov 9 - Get the Blamcon Game FREE

Hi all! We just released a free light gun game on Steam, it's just quick fun but it's a stepping stone to bigger things soon:
As much as I love retro, pushing light guns forward means new content. We started working with Dark Tonic Studios, who are producing a new Light Gun game , on a 3D printable controller for it. This is now the 'Blamcon Boarder Blunderbuss', see pic attached (This will be a FREE 3D print model, like the rest of Blamcon). The idea is the gun and the game will be in direct hardware sync with no middleware, so as you charge your powers the gun starts to glow the right color, use your special it will flash and discharge, rumble sync, etc.
This two way communication holds a ton of potential so we need a playground, so enter the game. It doesn't do any of the fanciness yet but it is a functional game if you want to test your skills. The hardware sync functions will come soon to play with, those are Blamcon only, but the game itself is gun agnostic.
I highly recommend you sign up for the Blunderbusted beta, follow Dark Tonic on social, join their Discord, etc. Supporting developers who are willing to take the plunge into light guns will show the market there is a hunger for new content.

2023 Nov 4 - Blamcon Manual

We just finished the draft of the manual for Blamcon. This covers the 1.0 release features and an overview of the project. Complete Blamcon's will be available as well as 3D print yourself, build yourself, options. The firmware is free and runs on the widely available Pi Pico W microcontroller. If you think any features you like are missing or anything you'd like to suggest I would really appreciate the help:
(This is a live link so all changes will auto-update here)
There are 10 Blamcon models ready to go, with 23 more in the works. Done: Vyper SMG, Bull Shotgun, Stallion Revolver, Phaser light gun, Retro Ray light gun, Robocop Auto 9, Rick and Morty Portal Gun, Ahsoka Light Saber, Blamcon Boarder, and the Dredd Lawgiver

2023 Oct 10 - Progress on Blamcon

We're getting really close with the Blamcon guns! Menu locked down, calibration locked down, tracking is laser smooth, just a few more hurdles. Here's a play test from earlier, yes I suck, my arms hurt from building but I still wanted to show you. Game is still very rough, forgive it, but the point is there:

2023 Oct 5 - Slat Wall For All!

Added my slatwall hook files for Light Guns to Thingiverse. I'm missing some that I'll add in over the week and I can take requests within limits.
For requests I'll need the standoff distance, the width of both hooks, and the drop between the highest and lowest, standing offer.

2023 Sept 17 - Squirrel! (Yet another Light Gun)

Yet another Light Gun I've started on. This was originally what I modeled to do the Aliens Pulse Rifle. It was modeled off the engineering plans then converted into a functional 3D print model then I replaced the parts in the way Bapty did. This ensured the Pulse Rifle was exactly to spec. But my mind wandered a bit today, I reversed it all down to the Thompson, and did the start of the light gun mod. This one will be pretty easy!

2023 Sept 16 - The Website Framework is up

Well, I hope it is. Please let me know on Discord if anything doesn't work. The content is by no means complete, I barely even read what I typed, but at least it doesn't seem to crash and there's some pages. The big reason to power this is I both released the video below early and mentioned the website. Danger bay when you don't even have the website. So please take whatever is here right now with a grain of salt, it will be improved upon quickly but I just wanted to make sure those visiting from the video weren't confused outright.

2023 Sept 15 - New Update Video!

Not everything w wanted to show is in here, we have a lot more to say but capped the time at 20 minutes and ALMOST hit it. There was over 4 hours of raw footage to choose from! So we'll make some follow up videos to this one and show you how the menus work, what the breakout boxes are, a look at the IR sensors and the rest of the goodness that ended up on the cutting room floor.