Questions and Answers

Q: When is Blamcon coming out?

A: We're already producing the first lot of Vypers, the Phazer is locked down, and there's 10 more light guns that are working smoothly and therefor near release. But issues and optimizations are being fixed and iterated on as fast as we can, there will be an 'aha!' point where we can release, and at that point I can give a date. For now this is developing quickly and I'm trying to post a significant update each day to push this along. You can see in the latest video it's looking very close to done.

Q: How much does Blamcon Cost?

A: Good question! I (Chris writing this) have a lot of experience in developing product and setting price and the #1 lesson I learned is don't price anything until you know what your time, effort, and costs are. Of course we can hedge our bets and just price high, but our goal is to price fair. So to do that we need to build, iterate, time, and spreadsheet every operation that goes into a Blamcon. If we price too low, we won't make these, too high and we're not fair to you. So give us time, we're working on it.

Q: Does Blamcon need software? What does it work on?

A: No! Blamcon is plug and play. All the options are you need are in the light gun's internal menu. We've tested Blamcon on Windows and Mac extensively and have started testing on Linux and Raspberry Pi. Our goal is 100% support on as many systems as possible.

Q: Can I build my own Blamcon? Can I sell it?

A: Yes and no. Building your own Blamcon is free for everyone but only can sell official ready to play Blamcons. We're all about empowering makers but a lot of time, money, and effort goes into making Blamcon freely available and as such our DIY license restricts sales to personal use only.

Q: How many buttons does a Blamcon have?

A: Depends on the model. It it's VERY basic Blamcon requires three buttons: trigger, A, B. And and and RGB LED with a rumble for feedback. But some Blamcons are riddled with buttons: The Vyper has an A/B/trigger/reload on mag pull/selector switch/foot petal/d-pad/2 alt buttons. This has limited use for most games but is needed to get the full Vyper experience.

Q: Is Blamcon firmware open source?

A: No. You can download the binary from Firmware and follow the instructions on the page.