Hydrodip Service – 2 Part Clamshell Pistol


  • Disassembly*
  • Reassembly*
  • Prep, Base Coat
  • Hydrodip
  • Durable Top Coat

* Note: This price is limited to standard light guns with no craziness in the disassembly/reassembly process. Must be able to be taken apart into 2 parts with screw removal and not have anything that impeded the process destructively. Guncon 1 and 2 are perfect examples of the right kind of gun. We assume no liability for damage from improperly packaged products, old plastic breaking during disassembly/reassembly, tiny springs flying out we can't find, etc. We are very experienced and do our best but if you don't want to risk us breaking it, just ship us the two halves ready to go. We don't test them coming in or going out, this is purely for the hydro dip service.

The price included return shipping but you must ship it to us at your cost.


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